I can do everything through Christ who gives me strength. Phillippians 4:13

Friday, April 17, 2009

My Life Right Now!

At school I've being treated like dirt right now because I had these friends and they were my really good friends until two weeks ago! TWO weeks ago one of them called my real mom a HOE and that she jumped from man to man!! Every time I go by them in the hall they'll call me F'N whore!! Every time I walk in the GYM they call me a F'N Whore!! This week in the gym you even pointed out that I don't live with my mother, I live with my F'N AUNT!!! Why is that such a big deal?? And its not new information, I've always lived with my aunt and uncle!

Here is a definition of Whore- Prostitute, sexually immoral woman. NOT ME!!!

I've been puting up with this stuff and its gone on way to long and its time to put my foot down and deal with it, and let me tell those girls that.....I'M NOT A WHORE!!! I know it's not all about me because your calling me, my sis,and my aunt horrible names.

I've tried to be a CHRISTIAN and turn my other cheek like my aunt wanted me to how many times do I have to turn my other cheek??



Dianne said...

I know it is hard. I went through almost the same thing at about the same age. You are smart to realize they are not your friends and they are gonna keep on til they get hurt. I am sick of it, too. There is a LOT of things in their lives that they should be ashamed of. How would they like it if we started telling it? Or posting the police reports? It is one thing when you keep telling lies on people. It is another thing entirely to tell the truth about things that have been covered up.

Jill V. said...

Hi! I found your blog through the Bugs in My Teeth blog (Joanna goes to our church:-) ANYWAY, I TOO went through this same thing in the sense that girls at school would call me these things because it was a known fact that It was my intent to stay a virgin until I got married...Crazy that they choose to call people the complete OPPOSITE of what they are trying to achieve! ARGH! Anyway, there is a very real enemy trying to using anything and anyone he can to distract you from God's Purpose for you....Continue to turn the other cheek as many times as it takes, girl! Jesus never promised it would be easy but He did promise to never leave us of forsake us! He is good! Also remember that those who love Him will suffer persecution and your true treasure will be in Heaven. :-) Stay Strong sister:-)