I can do everything through Christ who gives me strength. Phillippians 4:13

Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Days At School

The first day of school and I met new friends at my English class!! The new people I met are Casey Simmonds, he is so hilarious every day. The other person I met was Dominique, she is so nice and she's in my Social studies and English class. I had fun at every class. I have keyboarding and I learned how to type fast.

Hey y'all let me tell you a secret about something, I think that Coltin Ellis is...He is so cute 4 a friend and my sister likes him 2!!

Hey and another thing have y'all heard of METRO STATION!!!I love the song Shake It!! It is the best song I've ever heard of, I love that song...If you've never heard of it try 2 listen to it on 101.9 Kiss F.M, Memphis, TN radio station.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Going to 7th Grade

Monday was my first day of 7th grade. I was so excited to see all of my good friends.I have good teachers this year!

Monday I headed to lunch.In our school we have two lunches,A lunch and B lunch.Last year I had A lunch and I thought I had it this year. WRONG!!!! After eating A lunch I went to my next class, social studies.When I walked in Coach Wimberley, said that I went to the wrong lunch and he thought it was hoo-larious. I was not alone, my friend Taylor Witcher did the same thing!! I think me and Taylor were the smart ones because we got 2 lunches!!!