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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Movie Review

Sister Hood Of The Traveling Pants

I always try watch those movies when they come out,
I think you should watch this movie because it included everything, funny, romance,and sadness.

There was two parts that little kids shouldn't see was when the video girls boyfriend comes and it's their anniversary and takes her to her house and they have you know what and the you know what breaks. Julia and I were all like what the crap! Julia and Jessica Harris had to tell me what broke because I didn't know and I was confused! There was another part was when the dude was at a art studio and he took off his clothes and became nude but you can only see his 6 pack stomach and his legs and nothing further than that!We didn't want to see any unsutiable parts of a guy and we were holding our breath and then it was over with that part!!!

The floor at the movies was so icky dirty that KK's flip flops stuck to the floor and she has to peal them off the floor!!! How GROSS was that!!!!!

I give this movie a big huge 5!!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

My Pool Party Rockz

On Saturday August 30,2008 I had to get ready 4 my pool party and we had to go and get Winnie early and take her to my house. At 6:00 Julia,Emily,TaylorWitcher,Gage Melton,and my other friends came.

The party was a blast and every one had fun ,we ate ,swim and listen to music that night. Gage had fun and enjoyed being there. He got so dressed up in a nice shirt,jeans and boots thats what I'm talking about. He's a real cute boy.After almost every body left and even him so sad,Me Julia started dancing. It was funny!!!!We had the music up loud and it was kool!When Julia,Emily and Zac left,ME,winnie,taylor,taylorwitcher,and shelby were left at my house.