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Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Dark Night and other Random Things

The dark night is about Batman and the Joker. The joker is Batman's enemy.This movie was scary,serious,and long.Batman comes out only in the dark of the night. He is hunting the Joker,who is a villain committing horrible crimes. The police helped Batman hunt the Joker.
Did I like this movie?
Yes,I did.
I was exicted to see this movie because I don't get to watch very many PG-13 movies.And I'm 13! I liked that it was scary and funny at the same time.It had cool sound effects and special effects.My favorite special effect was when Batman's car turned into a motorcycle.
I give this movie 5 stars!!!!!!!!
Advise for this week.....
Cats don't like water. Aunts do not like cats in their pools. Uncles do not like it when you disobey them. (he told me not to put the cat in the pool and I did it anyway) Sisters don't like the cat scratches they get from the cat who has gone crazy because of the water. Being grounded is not fun it's horrible. And I think the cat hates me.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cooking Dinner

I had one question from Carissa at Good and Crazy, my 3rd comment! She wants to know if the girl in the Ultimate Gift is the sams as in Nim's Island.
Yes, Abigail something.
I want to say HEY GIRL! to Sandy Brawner, my 2nd comment!
Whoop Whoop to Taylor Witcher for being my 1st comment!
The reciepe I made was Ham Salad. I thought that it was good. I made it for everyone at home to try. Taylor (my sister) said it is kind of ok. Kaye said I did a good job making it but she perfers chicken salad the best. I ate the rest of the ham salad today with Ranch Dressing, it was delicious like that. I also ate a grilled cheese sandwhich, my baby sitter Kailey Brimhall made it for us, she is very sweet. It was good. Fashion advice for the dayI bought some flip flops from Cato. The flipflops are black with brown sequins on the top. They are so cute. But... They came apart today. I only wore them a couple of times. Just because they cost more don't mean they are made better.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Meet Mary Margaret

Hey, Mary Margaret here, I like to read blogs and leave comments, so I thought that I would try this blog thing out myself. My aunt and I thought about what I should blog about and this is what we came up with. I'm going to give advise on everything I can think of. Ask me for advice!!!!
Movies we watched this weekendThe Ultimate GiftNational Treasure 2The Last Day of SummerMontana Sky
The Ultimate Gift, PGThis movie is good for all the families to watch. It teaches good lessons it is funny and sad.Jason earned gifts taught him lessons,some of them are work,getting a real friend,the gift of problems.He falls in love one time,the gift of dreams,and the gift of giving. I gave this movie 5 stars.It has everything,romance,laughter,and sadness.
The Last Day of Summer, Nickelodeon MovieThis movie is about the last day of summer for 3 boys. They are trying to enjoy the last day of summer and some bullies get in the way.One of the boys get hit in the head and the day repeats over and over.I don't like this movie because the same day repeats over and over.And it is boring to me . The end was really good. Younger children might like it. I gave this movie a 3 1/2 stars.
I also loved National Treasure 2. I really loved Montana Sky. It was so romantic and I am all about ROMANCE. I just loved the whole movie.
Leave me comments and ask me questions. I'm ready to roll with the answers.