I can do everything through Christ who gives me strength. Phillippians 4:13

Monday, April 6, 2009

K K's cheat days in a row!! wow:)

We had Sunday (Palm) dinner over at memaw's house and KK said to day is my cheat day. She ate turtle pie. Monday she had another cheat day. I baked cookies and KK picked up a cookie and bit off of it and I said did you forget you already had a cheat day?

She said to me I didn't forget anything I know what I'm doing.

Can you believe what she said to me?

Taylor Nichole is my silly sister. She was putting clothes into the dryer, and wanting to dry her clothes for 700 min. Those clothes would turn into ASHES, and then we would have to vaccum them out!

Tim rented a crazy train movie. Taylor and Tim are so into it. It's a BABY movie.

He's not a very good movie picker outer!!!

Ok time for church chat. This Sunday was Palm Sunday. I had a good Sunday class. I learned that Good Friday is when Jesus was crucified and the one who forgave our sins. Sunday morning the preacher will say He has risen and we will say back He has risen indeed. We might not be @ Wynne Baptist because we might go to Nicoles and we will go to church with her.

This week I am going to Pray for...

My friends who haven't been acting right!
Enemies maybe we would be friends!
Teachers have a Good day!
Preachers who spread the Gospel of the true God!
Families even mine I heard Bad Languages from some!


Kaye Butler said...

You are going to have to quit telling on me. I might take away your cellular device!

Love you more

My word verification: PRIES
used in a sentence
...as KK pries the cellular devices from Mary Margaret's hands, she begged KK to not take away her cellular device.

jennisg said...

posting that pictures of those cookies was just WRONG! Now I soooooo want chocolate chip cookies....

Joanna said...

Okay that is just wrong. Cookies?? Home baked cookies? And you expect her to have will-power over that? You so tempted her and then you mock her for it. Ouch! ;)

Kaye Butler said...


She can be an evil child sometimes. She even sat the plate of cookies right in front of me. I made eye contact with the cookies and it was over!