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Monday, March 30, 2009

Track Practice

Track practice was a whole lot easier than I thought it would be after I fell. You know the HURDLE ATTACK THURSDAY on SPRING BREAK!!! Coach Gage asked me what had happened to my knees and I told her that I fell and she said be careful the next time and I said Ok I will.

So in practice I finally got to do the disk throw...the last time before spring break I tried and I didn't get to do it and I made it I'm getting to do it this time. yeah me!!!:) Later I will add some pics of me when I have time.

Oh, yeah, I did the Wii Sunday night for my challenge. Does Track Practice count as my 30 minutes, I need to ask 2nd cup of coffee that question. Anyway, Kaye Kaye could not do the shoulder stand, but I could. First time. I also turned a summersault while I was doing the shoulder stand. Kaye Kaye fell asleep while I was doing the Wii, boy she snores.

Well talk to you later bye!!!:)


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Of course! Of Course it counts!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I am from Muncie, Indiana. Why do you ask? I think you could email me the codes. We could try that:


I'd love the ones where your sister is in it with you (being mean to you!) and the one where you see the lady. This would be a HUGE fun deal for me to be able to post those and talk about them because you guys are so DANGED cute. And you are going to inspire my readers.

Also, I think you can make them public on Blogger for a while, which you might not want to do because that means everyone can see them, but I could grab the embed code, and then you could close them to the public again. Just a thought. Make sure this is all OK with Mom.