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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Free Falling

2nd Cup of Coffee asked us to tell our stories about accidents and exercising. If there is an accident waiting, I'm gonna catch up with it.

About the time that Kaye Kaye started her blog, Butler Family Diaries, I had an accident on my bike. We were camping at Bear Creek National Park. We took our bikes and our dog Sapphire. I thought that it would be a good idea to walk the dog and ride my bike at the same time. Not one of my smartest moments. She saw a squirel and took off, I slammed on the brakes and flew off the bike. Skinned up my arm real good.

Okay, I know its hard to believe, but I don't always mind Kaye Kaye. She told me to wear my swim shoes at the Lake. I thought that I didn't need those stinkin old swim shoes, cause they were too small and I didn't think there was sharp stuff in the water. I was walking out into the deep and caught something with my toe, it didn't hurt that bad until I saw the blood. We had to sit in the emergency room for 4 or 5 hours and I finally got 4 stiches.

Next injury. I answered the phone and it was for Uncle Tim. I twirled around and began to run, looking back at my sister, to give him the phone and ran right into the tounge of a trailer that was up in the air and got stitches in my eyebrow and cheek.

I was at my babysitters house. It was a bright sunshiny day. I was running across the yard looking back and waving at my sister. I was blinded by the sun. I ran right into a bobbed-wire fence and cut up my underarm.

Taylor cut the end of my thumb off will scissors, my cousin was "babysitting" = sleeping on the couch. We were trying to cut yarn with Kaye Kaye's very very sharp sewing scissors. Not a great idea.

We have a tred mill that I'm not allowed to use unless Kaye Kaye is in the room, because I fall off of it. I tripped over my shoe strings. I stepped on the nonmoving part of the tred mill. I got my ipod strings wrapped up around my legs.

Finally we make it to today. Not embarrassing at all. Tripping over the hurdles. Check out my when hurdles attack post.

After all this, Kaye Kaye still let me do basketball and track.

Right now I'm watching Cupid, and it's 9 o'clock. My bedtime is 8:30 pm, shhhh don't tell kaye kaye I'm still up. Do you think she will notice me sitting here next to her? soon she will be snoring her rear end off.

I'm reading Quiet Moments with God for Teens, has anyone read it?

Taylor is in her room snoring.

I had my ONE smart moment for today a few minutes ago. I told Kaye Kaye that I know I'm supposed to love people from the inside out not the outside in. She said that was, for sure, my smart moment for the day. I kind of smart mouthed her one day, I said to her, What do you expect, I'm only smart once a day. She remembers that little remark EVERY EVERY EVERY DAY.


Pat said...

Oh, I cringed when I read about your mishaps! Maybe you're caught up for a while! I haven't fallen in a while (thank goodness), but I have my share of "forgetting" accidents. Like putting the roast in the freezer instead of the fridge so I could cook it the next day.

Thanks for your comment, too!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

oH MY GOSH, You and your sister and aunt have completely won my heart.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

And you can call me Linda instead of 2nd Cup of Coffee. Only my kids call me that.